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Previous Summit Line-Ups & Sponsors

Self-Care Summit (SCS) Year

Brian Dishon

Prime Dialogue

Brian's purpose is creating best in class people and organizations through words and relationship. He does this through helping create cultures of belonging, coaching leadership, and helping create strategies to start or grow a business.

Cycle Of Belonging

People desire to belong. If this desire exists in all of us, why do we not always feel like we belong. This is not only a reality in our social lives, it also exists in our workplace. Find out how to create a culture of belonging with understanding the cycle we all go through.

SCS 2024

Courtney E. Hicks

CEH Creative

Courtney is a certified spiritual director in private practice offering individual and group spiritual direction, dreamwork, and creative & contemplative experiences and retreats. Courtney holds an M.Ed. from Belmont University and her certification in spiritual direction from The Haden Institute.

The Artist's Way

The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron is a resource to help discover and recover your creative self - a spiritual path to higher creativity. This participatory session will introduce The Artist’s Way program and tools it offers to unblock your inner artist and deepen your spiritual journey.

SCS 2024

Jackie L. Halstead, Ph.D., MDiv

Selah Center for Spiritual Foundation

Jackie Halstead, Ph.D., LMFT, MDiv, is director of Selah Certificate in Spiritual Direction. She is a professor of Marriage and Family Therapy, has been a licensed MFT for 37 years and a Spiritual Director for 22 years. She speaks on spiritual formation at the national and international levels. Dr. Halstead takes an annual eight-day silent retreat and in 2022 completed a 30-day silent retreat.

Practicing Silence

In silence, we foster the listening side of prayer. Each conversation has a speaker and listener, but we often do all the talking when with God. Distractions are diminished when in silence and we have a greater ability to listen to God. Join us to look at Jesus’ practice of silence and the ways God communicates with each of us. Expect practical suggestions on silence through contemplative prayer.

SCS 2024

Laura Williams, LPC-MHSP

Be Found Counseling

Laura Williams is one of the co-owners of Be Found Counseling, part of the core faculty at the Healing Our Core Issues Institute (HOCI) and host of Encountering You, a podcast based on the basic principles of the HOCI. Being a counselor is not a profession or a job—it is so much more than that. It is the unique opportunity to witness the healing work of the community of people Laura comes in contact with, both with clients and fellow counselors. HOCI’s model focuses their work around our worth as humans, how to grow the ability to have healthy boundaries with ourselves and in relationships, creating meaning out of the reality that we are human and imperfect, taking responsibility for our needs and wants, creating joy and spontaneity in our lives and learning to grow a secure attachment to ourselves and in our relationships. It is life-changing. IT WORKS. Laura feels like many of us find ourselves in the wilderness in different parts of our lives at multiple points in our lives. What this model offers is: hope in the wilderness when we feel depressed, anxious, hopeless, helpless, angry, lonely, sad, or scared. And it offers a foundation from which you can heal from over and over again. What Laura knows is that after experiencing the transformation that happens through this work, she know longer fears the wilderness—She is ready. And is honored to jump into the wilderness with you.

Trauma - Turns Out We All Have It!

Join us for an informative workshop on developmental and relational trauma. We will delve into the complexities of these types of trauma and how they affect both individuals and communities. Our goal is to provide a deeper understanding of the subject and offer tools to navigate our own stories, so we can better support those around us.

SCS 2024

Tash Weddle

The New Beginnings Center

Tash Weddle is the Co-founder and CEO of The New Beginnings Center (TNBC), a nonprofit organization established in 2011 by and for women. TNBC is on the leading edge of preventative healthcare and is a sanctuary for fostering physical strength and mental resilience.

Guide to Your New Beginning

For this session, Tash will introduce you to New Beginnings’ nutritional philosophy and the basics behind their strength and conditioning workouts. Including: goal setting, “finding your why”, creating systems and structure, creating good habits, conquering your upper limit, etc.

SCS 2024

Ashley Hampton

Ashley is the Co-founder and Clinical Director of Hampton House Counseling, a counseling practice dedicated to serving individuals from the LGBTQIA* and BIPOC community.

Returning Home, Remembering Pieces of You

An experimental exploration on the parts of a healer/helper that often get lost or neglected along the way

SCS 2022

Dori Gorman

Dori Gorman grew up in Franklin, spent 20 years in ministry, most recently in Chicago as a church planter, and has been serving as the Chaplain for the YMCA of Middle Tennessee since 2019.

Dealing with Difficult People Without Becoming One

Does it feel like people are more on edge right now? Are you finding yourself more easily agitated? In this session we’ll learn some best practices to put into place before a conflict begins, during a conflict, and once a conflict has ended.

SCS 2022

Elizabeth Power

Elizabeth Power, M.Ed. is a Nashville-based educator whose quiet work in helping people, organizations and faith communities become trauma-responsive spans the globe.

The 7Cs of Resilience: A Blueprint for Personal Transformation

When you feel like "scorched earth," and your self-care just isn't enough, amplify each action through the lens of the 7Cs. This evidence-informed method easily increases meaning-making and more.

SCS 2022

Heather Harriss

Heather Harriss is a Certified Spiritual Director with a focus on Dream Work. She is an Elder in the United Methodist Church in ministry at Belmont UMC. She regularly leads Centering Prayer and other contemplative practices.

Dream Work as a Spiritual Practice

In scripture people paid close attention to their dreams and to the dreams of others. They knew God was showing them something that mattered. Dreams provide a bridge to other states of awareness and ways of being . In this interactive session you'll learn techniques to help you better understand your dreams, get tips for recording and recalling your dreams and experience linking the images and symbols from a dream with everyday life.

SCS 2022

Jessi Wild and Kelli Payne

Apex Consulting

Jessi Wild and Kelli Payne of Apex Consulting are licensed clinicians working to create bigger impact through group training, addressing mental health in the workplace to improve career satisfaction and improved job performance.

Mental Health Awareness in the Workplace

We provide education & functional skills to shift workplace dynamics to include acceptance for mental health in work environments, including individual & group needs & support from and between leadership.

SCS 2022

Lisa Gamble

Lisa Gamble is a career & leadership coach. With 20+ years of experience, Lisa works with leaders to leverage strengths and shift beliefs, behaviors, & habits for optimal happiness, success & growth.

Creating Your Powerful Personal Vision Statement

In this interactive session you'll create a personal vision based on your love language. We'll explore ways to better align with that vision daily and fully embody your best & most authentic self.

SCS 2022

Merna ElSols

Merna is a mental health clinician, presently serving as the Assistant Director of the Children & Teens Team at The Refuge Center for Counseling and a counselor at Nurture House.

The Sound Relationship Model in the Workplace

We may be feeling the need to connect with colleagues in order to establish a healthy and successful workplace environment. Let's learn how we can support one another throughout our workday.

SCS 2022

Sally Sharpe

Sally Sharpe is a Certified spiritual director and retreat leader in the Nashville area whose passion is to help others feel seen and known, experience God's love, and become their authentic selves.

Immanuel Journaling:
Receiving the Comfort & Care You Need

Immanuel Journaling helps you receive the comfort and care you need in your present circumstances. Using prompts that guide you in writing to yourself from God's compassionate perspective—or that of your most compassionate self—you'll experience the peace of being seen, known, and deeply loved.

SCS 2022

Shaun Dean

Shaun Dean serves as the Eastern US Director of Standing Stone in Greater Nashville, which is dedicated to guiding ministry leaders and their spouses into healthy ministry. He is married with 3 kids.

Personal and Organizational Care: Growing a Healthy Culture

As you look at the intersection of your work and your life, would you describe it as "healthy?" What about your organization? If you'd like to start or continue on this journey, come hang out for an hour.

SCS 2022

Tiffany Bankett

Tiffany Bankett a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and founder of A.I.M. for Healing. Her life has consisted of working in the world of care. Including previous non-profit work in: after-care and special education. Her experience taught her about how to deal with anxiety, not only with others but firsthand. She takes pride in helping her clients find ways to relax and loves being their personal cheerleader with even the smallest achievements.

Self-Care and Boundaries in Everyday Life

Tiffany would like to help you think through how to maintain a healthy mindset, find peace during a busy day, and love yourself. Her goal is to help you kick start / maintain your self-care journey through a toolbox of activities. Together you will walk through ideas to implement in your everyday life such as setting boundaries, implementing activities, and creating self-love to promote a healthier lifestyle.

SCS 2022

Cathey Stoner MS RDN LDN

Allison Nutrition Consulting

Cathey is a Nashville native, a foodie, and a mom of two. She received her undergraduate degree in Dietetics and her Master’s in Environmental Sciences. Cathey is passionate about helping clients sort through the trends and social pressures to find what works for their personal health journey.

Nourishing Your Body: A Positive Approach to Nutrition and Easy Meal Planning

Instead of dieting and focusing on what not to eat, this nutrition presentation guides audiences towards well-being, emphasizing what to eat. Explore easy meal planning through building balanced plates and adopting mindful eating.

SCS 2024

Dani Hickman, LPC-MHSP

Dani Hickman

Dani Hickman is a psychotherapist, podcaster and author. Over the last decade, she has shared her trauma and mental health expertise with individuals across the globe, helping them to connect with a deep sense of unconditional worth and self-love.

Embracing Self-Compassion: Practices to Cultivate Embodied, Self-Love

Join us for this workshop that dives into the intricate world of self-love and the inner child. We'll explore the root causes behind why self-love can feel challenging and, through somatic exercises, participants will discover how to pave the way for sustainable, self-love and self-compassion.

SCS 2024

Jess Thompson

Jess Thompson

Jessica E. Thompson (Williams) is a certified wellness coach and kettlebell instructor with more than four years of experience in promoting and teaching inclusive wellness to groups throughout Middle Tennessee. She believes that fitness should be accessible, available and affordable for all bodies.

Make Movement Fun and Functional

In this session, Jess will cover how we can move out of movement as a chore and find movement that is both fun and functional. Fitness is for all bodies. Jess will cover how to create a fitness routine that makes sense for you.

SCS 2024

Rev. Linda Furtado

Scarritt Bennett Center

Linda Furtado, wife, mother, and multifaceted professional, serves as Director of Spirituality and Arts at Scarritt Bennett Center. She is passionate about fighting racism and champions prophetic justice. As Founding Director of Cross Vocational, she facilitates positive daily faith formation.

Harmony Within: Faith, Racial Reconciliation, and Emotional Wellness

Through spiritual practices, shared reflections, and a focus on inner peace, Linda invites participants to cultivate harmony within themselves and extend healing relationships beyond our sacred gathering space.

SCS 2024

Ashiya Swan

Ashiya Swan merged her skills as a holistic coach, yoga instructor and circle facilitator to offer self-care and stress management services to those in a variety of high-pressure environments.

Embodied Mindfulness

This session explores the practice of becoming mindful in a way that is both practical and productive. Learn to use mindfulness as a tool for self-care and stress management to maintain wellness.

SCS 2022

Curtis Zackery

Curtis Zackery (CZ) is the founder of Find Rest ( and the author of the book Soul Rest. He's compelled by his calling to help spiritually depleted people find renewal.

Finding Rest Together

The potential for burnout and disillusionment in our lives is real. We need to take note of the condition of our soul. During this time together will learn to work from rest in a sustainable way.

SCS 2022

Dr. PaQuita R. Pullen

Dr. PaQuita R. Pullen, LPC-MHSP, is the CEO of Ubuntu Counseling & Wellness. PaQuita identifies as a self-compassion advocate and has a special interest in working with helping professionals.

Mindful Self-Compassion

Participants will engage in a 1-hour workshop on Mindful Self-Compassion. Participants will be equipped with tools and exercises to establish and maintain a self-compassionate practice.

SCS 2022

Eve Mannix

Eve Mannix, is a certified coach, circle facilitator, and diversity consultant. She brings her love of people, nature, and the divine into everything she does.

Self Care Kickstart: 3-Minute Practices to Reenergize Your Routine

Do you feel like you don’t have enough time for self care? It is time to reenergize your self care routine with 8 three- minute micro-practices to refill your mind, body, and soul when you are feeling depleted.

SCS 2022

Jenny Black

Jenny is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. She has received training in trauma, brainspotting, solution-focused therapy, emotionally focused therapy, art therapy and internal family systems.

Media Stress, Burnout and Trauma

We will learn some simple practical tools to manage personal media/phone/screens. We will discuss deep work and how creative, productive, meaningful work is beneficial to mental health. And we will explore the importance of digital boundaries on quality of life, work and relationships.

SCS 2022

Kathryn Phillips

Nashville Nutrition Partners

Kathryn Phillips is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist who practices at Nashville Nutrition Partners, where she compassionately supports clients in nourishing their bodies through all of life’s seasons.

Intuitive Eating: A Non-Diet Approach

Food can be challenging in a world of conflicting health messages. In this workshop you'll learn a new way of navigating health that honors your body's needs while improving your relationship to food.

SCS 2022

Maria Michonski (she/her)

Maria Michonski is the newest member of the training team at the Sexual Assault Center, and specializes in areas of training related to: prevention in LGBTQIA+ communities, prevention and substance use, prevention in higher education settings, and prevention in religious communities, while enjoying all of our training content areas, including provider self-care, vicarious trauma, 101 trainings, etc. She was born and raised in the Nashville area, and has a Master’s in Divinity from Vanderbilt Divinity School.

Exploring Vicarious Trauma & Self-Care

Providing care and services to people in our communities is complex work that often takes a toll on us as individuals and on our organizations. This session will discuss possible impacts of stress and trauma related to our work and the subsequent importance of self-care. Participants will explore individualized self-care practices, the ways that they may mitigate the effects of trauma exposure, and their contextual limitations.

SCS 2022

Micky ScottBey Jones

Micky ScottBey Jones is a coach with a MA in Intercultural Studies from NAIITS with Portland Seminary and trained in Kingian nonviolence, and is a certified enneagram teacher.

Wisdom Center Meditation

Our 3 Centers of Wisdom can greater connection with the mind, heart and body in spiritual, emotional & somatic ways. Let's explore contemplative practices to nurture it all.

SCS 2022

Sara Amos

Sara Amos (She/Her) is an LCSW with 15+ years of experience in community mental health. Sara now owns a therapy practice primarily focused on supporting helping professionals.

Zoom Out: How a Trauma Informed Lens Changes Everything

Trauma Informed Practices will help organizations to evaluate their current systems and consider the perspective of those with a trauma history in order to better serve them.

SCS 2022

Small World Yoga

We believe in the power of yoga to transform individuals through healing and connection. We envision a world in which everyone has access to these benefits. By empowering people, we strengthen communities, and ultimately make a big world feel small.

Restorative Yoga

A Small World Yoga instructor will lead a 60 minute all-levels yoga class. This gentle and slower-paced, restorative style class is designed to stretch tighter areas and leave you feeling relaxed. (Yoga Mat Required)

SCS 2022

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