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Burnout and high staff turnover are all too common within nonprofits and churches. We believe there is a better way.

Day 7 provides curated and affordable self-care resources to help nonprofit and ministry staff thrive in their roles.


We offer a range of programs to support your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being.

When you invest in your self-care, you will not only become a healthier person. You will find more satisfaction in your career and your life.


Day 7 provides nonprofit and ministry staff with self-care resources in order to: alleviate burnout, promote individual and organizational health, and support a more effective and sustainable service community at large.



Adult Literacy at NPL
Doors of Hope
Harvest Hands
Martha O'Bryan Center
Office of Homeless Services
Young Leaders Council
Dream Streets
Healing In The Margins
Men of Valor
Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary
Sexual Assualt Center
TN Voices
E.L.I.'s House
Highland Rim Economic Corporation
Mending Hearts
One Willco
Shine Photography
Trinity Community Commons
Communities In Schools TN
Family & Children's Service
Hope Clinic
Nashville Freedon School Partnership
Park City
Soles 4 Souls
Community Care Foundation
Fifty Forward
Nashville Rescue Mission
People Loving Nashville
Standing Stone
Village at Glencliff
Conexion Americas
Friends Life Community
Nashville State Community College FOundation
Presbytery of Middle Tennessee
Walk Bike Nashville
Courtney's Corner
Japan-America Society of Tennessee
New Beginnings
Preston Taylor Ministries
The Center for Living & Learning
Wilson County Help Center
Diverse Learners Cooperative
Girl Scouts
Justice Industries
Nuture The Next
Project Transformation
The Refuge Center



Candace Surface

Executive Director

Tanatswa Tavaziva

Data & Operations Director

Kendal Beard

Outreach Director

Board of Directors

Seany Denson
Day 7 Board Chair

Founder, The Parent Power

Paideia Instructor
at King's Academy

Teri Forsythe Sloan

Café Momentum Nashville

Development Director

Natalie DuBoise


Vanderbilt Owen Board Fellow

Candace Surface

Day 7

Executive Director

Advisory Board

Grace Franklin, PMP

Tennesse Department of Education

Training and Leadership Development Manager

Kristen Salaman

Blankenship CPA Group, PLLC


Vedika Rohra


Vanderbilt Owen Board Fellow


In 2004, Marsha Crownover discovered the world of life and executive coaching and the immerse value a coach can provide to someone as they process the challenges of personal and professional life. Coming from her own professional background in counseling, she knew that days could be grueling and executive coaching and the immerse value a coach can provide to someone as they process the challenges of personal and professional life. She observed that individuals in helping professions may be the ones who could benefit the most from having a coach. However, Martha saw a gap and noticed that coaching was not always accessible to those within the nonprofit sector. Coaching is expensive and something not everyone has the luxury of pursing. Coach Approach, Inc. was founded with the mission to fill this gap and provide affordable life and executive coaching to those in nonprofit helping professions.

Marsha Crownover.png


Ramston Capital

The Frist Foundation

Interstate AC

Freeman Webb

The Community Foundation

Richards & Richards

CMI Equipment Sales, Inc.

The Center for Living & Learning


"The Day 7 stipend has been huge for my family. As a 4 person family with only a teacher and non-profit salary, our budget is tight. With the stipend covering my monthly gym membership, my family's monthly expenses have gone down without my physical fitness suffering and without having any personal guilt about having a membership at all. Physical fitness is the main way that I manage stress as well as an hour that I allow myself to mentally take a break from anything else going on, so it keeps me both physically and mentally healthier."

Self-Care Plan Participant

"Day 7 has transformed how I as a leader am able to care for my staff. Nonprofits are notorious for burnout, lack of boundaries and high turnover. I have always vowed not to let this happen to me or my team and Day 7's strategic method of encouraging our staff to take care of themselves has helped us not only provide options but more had helped us create a culture of self care."

Self-Care Plan Participant

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