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Day 7 provides nonprofit and ministry staff with self-care resources in order to: alleviate burnout, promote individual and organizational health, and support a more effective and sustainable service community at large.

“I cannot begin to express my gratitude for having the privilege and opportunity to be afforded this opportunity for self-care. It has SIGNIFICANTLY improved my life. I have not stopped taking advantage of this gift. Having the space to take a pause in the rhythm of life to take care of my self-care has allowed me the opportunity to be a better mom, better friend to myself and to others, and a better spouse. So, to put in fewer words, things are so good.”

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Baptist, Episcopal, Lutheran, Methodist, Non Denominational, Presbyterian


Working in helping professions is hard and exhausting work. Burnout and high staff turnover, unfortunately, are all too common within nonprofits and churches. Nonprofit and ministry staff leave their jobs too soon, exist in a state of survival and go through life exhausted often sacrificing their own well-being for the sake of their job. We believe there is a better way. Burnout, staff turnover, exhaustion, and decreased job effectiveness don’t have to define the good work nonprofit organizations are accomplishing. 


When individuals can be mindful of their own personal health and invest in their own growth and self-care they are more effective employees, healthier humans, and more satisfied with their job and life.

Day 7 is built on a very simple truth — we do not have to sacrifice ourselves, our health or our relationships; we can prioritize our health and still do our work well. We exist to equip nonprofit and ministry staff with the resources they need to lead healthy, sustainable lives.

Day 7 provides the resources to nonprofit and ministry staff so that they are equipped to not just survive, but thrive in their roles. We prioritize the health of our participants by offering them an integrative approach to managing their care and well-being so that they are operating from a place of health and wholeness.

We believe that to truly thrive in life we have to pay attention to all areas of who we are. That is why at Day 7 we support the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual parts of each individual.



Candace Surface

Executive Director

Tanatswa Tavaziva

Data & Communications Director

Kendal Beard

Outreach Director


Chris O'Rear

The Counseling Center, PLLC

Licensed Clinical Pastoral Therapist & Owner of TCC

Candace Surface

Day 7

Executive Director

Angie Li


Senior Product Design Manager

Andrew Thorp


Software Engineer

Seany Denson

Preston Taylor Ministries -
McGruder Center

Program Director

Tom Tyndall

Transitions Pastor

Louis M. Torchio

Vanderbilt University

Owen MBA Intern

Natalie DuBoise


Vanderbilt Owen Board Fellow

Kristen Salaman

Blankenship CPA Group, PLLC


Ali Gallagher

Bass, Berry & Sims PLC

Associate Attorney


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In 2004, Marsha Crownover discovered the world of life and executive coaching and the immerse value a coach can provide to someone as they process the challenges of personal and professional life. Coming from her own professional background in counseling, she knew that days could be grueling and executive coaching and the immerse value a coach can provide to someone as they process the challenges of personal and professional life. She observed that individuals in helping professions may be the ones who could benefit the most from having a coach. However, Martha saw a gap and noticed that coaching was not always accessible to those within the nonprofit sector.


Coaching is expensive and something not everyone has the luxury of pursing. Coach Approach, Inc . was founded with the mission to fill this gap and provide affordable life and executive coaching to those in nonprofit helping professions.



In 2015, Peter Ferguson experienced his own need in ministry. As a third generation pastor, he saw that too often pastors lack the confidential support necessary to work from a place of vulnerable health. He knew firsthand the reality of burnout and how the lack of authentic community impacts those in ministry. Unrealistic expectations are put on pastors and their families to live without mistakes, and when mistakes inevitably happen, pastors often have nowhere to turn. There is a lack of support and barriers to care due to resources being too expensive. Peter founded Day 7, Inc. to provide confidential health resources, including counseling and retreats, to pastors and their families.

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In 2017, Candace Clippard was in a place of work and life transition. With a background in nonprofit ministry that partnered with other nonprofits on a regular basis, she saw and experienced firsthand the effects of burnout and turnover and the negative impact those had on organizations. Also having experience in church ministry, teaching and fitness coaching, she understood the need for balance and health, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. She also saw a lack of affordable options for those in nonprofit and ministry jobs and the barriers they faced to accessing the resources and tools needed to help combat burnout.

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2019 - Onward

In late 2017 and early 2018, in serendipitous series of events. Candace connected with both Marsha and Peter. They all quickly realized that their hearts aligned in the way they each wanted to care for the caretaker, and they each believed that in order to care well for others, you must also care for yourself well. By June of 2018, Candace had taken over both Coach Approach and Day 7. Through partnerships with wellness providers across the city, we began to offer various types of health resources to nonprofit helping professionals and pastors. In 2019, Day 7 and Coach Approach officially merged and we are now operating as Day 7, Inc. We look to the future as we work as one united organization to help nonprofit and ministry professionals passionately thrive.


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