Day 7 is a non-profit, 501c3, based in Nashville, TN. Founded by Peter Ferguson (ordained elder in the United Methodist Church and third generation minister), Day 7 was established around his story as a struggling minister. Because of the pressures of being in a position of service to others coupled with the inability to find a place to feel safe and tell the truth, Peter found himself in a space where he sacrificed his needs and those of his family in order to survive. Day 7 is a natural product of Peter’s own story and the unfortunate fact that his story is not unique.

Day 7 is built on a very simple truth — we do not have to sacrifice ourselves, our health or our relationship with our families, it does not have to be a choice, we can be healthy and do ministry.

Peter Ferguson is the Founder and Executive Director of Day 7 reporting to an established, governing Board of Directors.


A Letter from Our Founder

Day 7’s program model : core replenishment

The program umbrella for Day 7 includes three areas:

  • Replenishment Offerings : one time programs or events targeting one area of aid for a minister
  • Replenishment Plans : confidential, personalized and experienced annual plans incorporating licensed caregivers in various areas of health.  Day 7 RPs replace the traditional cycle of ministry (pushing limits to burnout) with a more consistent rhythm of serving while staying healthy.  New RP cohorts (5 per group) are created all the time.  
  • Replenishment Returns : the Returns On Investment of replenishment for both the ministers and the churches they serve.  We measure increasing growth in long-term effectiveness of both the individual giving of themselves and those on the receiving end of their giving.

Day 7 Fills a Need

Rooted in research and experience, the specific barriers to true replenishment are:

  1. Affordability : ministers either do not have the funds or feel a sense of guilt when expending resources on themselves or their family
  2. Accessibility : ministers either do not know what they need, where to find what they need outside of the church or feel they should portray perfection so do not seek help

Day 7 is poised to target these barriers for both new ministers coming into their calling for the first time as well as experienced ministers who have been in their ministry for years.