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Day 7 is a nonprofit based in Nashville, TN that provides self-care and wellness resources to nonprofit professionals and ministry staff in order to alleviate burnout and promote individual and organizational health.





Coaching – We meet with helping professionals to identify their needs and co-create an individualized self-care plan, addressing their physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health. We encourage individuals to prioritize their self-care and identify areas of growth in their own life.


Connecting – We match individuals and organizations with skilled professional resources in our community that meet their needs. With a network of over 200 wellness providers, we are committed to finding the right fit for every unique self-care plan. 


Consulting  We support sustainability and cultures of self-care at the organizational level. We provide self-care benefits for organizations so that they can invest in their staff through workshops and individualized self-care plans.



We believe that to truly thrive in life we have to pay attention to all areas of who we are. That is why

at Day 7 we focus on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual parts of each individual.











“Day 7 provided an avenue for me to address various needs in my life to better care for my whole being. Through counseling, spiritual direction, and even taking a better look at nutrition, I am able to make good choices for how to navigate each day. I didn’t have to wait until I was desperate and burned out. I’m quite sure that without these services at the time I began, I may have reached that point. The programs that were part of my care plan have allowed me to be a stronger leader and made me aware of how to care for myself while caring for others.”


“I cannot begin to express my gratitude for having the privilege and opportunity to be afforded this opportunity for self-care. It has SIGNIFICANTLY improved my life. I have not stopped taking advantage of this gift. Having the space to take a pause in the rhythm of life to take care of my self-care has allowed me the opportunity to be a better mom, better friend to myself and to others, and a better spouse. So, to put in fewer words, things are so good.”

-Nonprofit professional

“With the financial support of Day 7 I was able to receive care for my body and soul. My ministry was suffering because I was weary and stressed. Because of Day 7 I was able to meet with amazing spiritual directors, to regularly exercise, and to take Sabbath time. These things and more refreshed my spirit and led me back to the joy I find in ministry and my family. I am deeply grateful.”



“Day 7 has transformed our organization’s work together. The availability of self-care for our staff has made for healthier work relationships and more productive staff. It is a benefit that has an immediate impact!”

-Nonprofit Executive Director


“My self-care plan has been a life raft of support and nurture in the midst of a hard, and crazy time. Please express my deep gratitude to those who are making this possible. My hope is that not only will it impact my own well-being, but that it will make its way through me to those I serve.”



“Being responsible for a large agency with a volunteer board can often be difficult. Having a supportive and experienced objective voice to turn to for both personal and business decisions is paramount in reducing burn-out, receiving needed affirmation, and strategic advice. Each session provided a very significant ‘a-ha’ experience with resources to apply them to my life.” 

-Nonprofit professional


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