Day 7 is a non-profit based in Nashville, TN built on a very simple truth — as ministers, we do not have to sacrifice ourselves, our health or our relationship with our families. It does not have to be a choice, we can be healthy and do ministry.

What are people saying?

Real words from real pastors and their impact
  • My individualized replenishment plan has afforded me a new rhythm to my calling. The extreme highs and the extreme lows used to have me on a roller coaster cycle of ministry. I was headed for burnout and completely unaware. I see it in the simple things like a sleeping well at night, losing weight and pausing to enjoy God’s creation. I wake up enthusiastic for what the day might bring knowing no matter what it is, I have an outlet — people and opportunities outside my church poised and ready to pour into me.
  • May sound simple, but my spouse remembered to take the trash out. I know, I know, there are bigger things to life. But this one small thing is a testament to my spouse being more present, more mindful and more joyful. It reminds me daily of when we were first called into the ministry. The receiving end of a replenishment plan has significantly impacted our family for the better. Thank you, Jesus!
  • I was not sure what was happening until I heard about the replenishment plan our minister was on. The messages that were being brought to us were coming from a deeper place. There was a joy in the messages and many felt the movement of the Spirit in a way we had not in years. Our pastor was still, calm and listened with a closer ear to the needs around our church. The benefit of this new rhythm continues to be catching across our entire church. I feel as though there is less talk about what we are not and more talk about who we are in Christ. I would donate and give to this — it is working.


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