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Eve Mannix

10:00am – 11:00am | Mental Health

How to Tame Your Inner Critic: Lizards, Wizards, and a Little Magic

You know the voice. We all have it. It’s the voice that pops in your mind with some harsh unsolicited advice: “You’ll never find love.” “Who do you think you are?” “You’re a fake, and everyone knows it.” Sound familiar? These statements often come from your inner critic, aka your inner lizard. For many, this internal voice is the source of low self-esteem, guilt, and relationship issues. But where does this voice come from? And how do we get it to stop?

Join Coach Eve to learn how to tame your inner lizard and learn to embrace the magic of another voice: your inner wizard. In this interactive session, you will learn the top 3 strategies Coach Eve uses with all of her life coaching clients: meeting your lizard, taming your lizard, and embracing your wizard. This session will include research-backed strategies, breakout room discussions, live coaching, and guided visualizations. No multitasking in this session because it’s time to do the work. Bonus: you even get to name your lizard.

12:00pm – 1:00pm | Professional Development

Diversity & Community Matter

In order to become a truly inclusive workplace, we have to first do the work on a personal level. We have to develop a deep awareness of how privilege and white supremacy culture exists in our culture and in our bodies. It’s why in our courses we start with empathy and end with action. Our workshop is designed to be a jumping-off point, a place to get started. The work you do with us will prime you for a lifetime of learning and unlearning. It’s our goal to crack open what you think you know so we can begin to do the deeper work that will change your life and the lives of those that work for, with, and around you.

2:00pm – 3:00pm | Mental Health

Clear the Clutter, Clear the Chaos

Clutter or disorganization is linked to creating stress, feelings of overwhelm, depression, and lack of productivity. Let’s clear our environment so that we can clear our mind. Let’s pinpoint where the clutter is in your life and discuss strategies to declutter and create an environment that fosters peace, growth and production.

4:00pm – 5:00pm | Spiritual Health

What We May Miss: The Hidden Gifts of AA’s Steps on our Spiritual Journey

In working his own recovery, working with other 12-Steppers, meeting with directees, and facilitating small groups, Spiritual Director/12-Stepper, Scott Spradley has learned there is much to be gained in not only identifying our shortcomings, but also in taking time to uncover, embrace, and celebrate our better qualities in the midst of our quest for self-care, healing, and recovery. 

Join Scott for a look at the other side of the coin as we explore:

  1. Uncovering and Embracing our assets,
  2. Loving our whole selves,
  3. Admitting we were wrong when we sold ourselves short, and
  4. Spiritual exercises to guide us in healing our “worthiness issues” and embracing all of who we are/our true selves

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