Event Information

This unique virtual event will include a five-day line-up of workshops (15-20 total) from leading instructors in the following areas:

  • Fitness and yoga
  • Nutrition and wholistic health
  • Mindfulness and breath practices
  • Counseling
  • Leadership coaching
  • Conflict mediation
  • Financial health
  • Enneagram and personality typing tools
  • Resiliency and self-care

We will also host 3 single promotional workshops in the months leading up to the event.


We anticipate excellent attendance and publicity due to the growing reputation of our organization and through the networks of every presenter. At our first breakfast event last fall, we had close to 200 attendees from our own network alone. This year the event will be marketed in the community through our own efforts and by each of our 15-20 presenters.

Considering it being virtual in nature, attendees could come nationwide. We expect promotional efforts to reach a minimum of 75,000 individuals through all of our presenters mailing lists and social media channels.

Funds from the event will support the ongoing work of Day 7 to make self-care resources accessible and affordable for nonprofit and ministry staff in Nashville.

There are multiple options for sponsorship. The Presenting Sponsor will be highlighted at the Self-Care Summit all five days and also recognized at each promotional event. We also will name a Title sponsor for each of the promotional events. These sponsors will also be listed with other additional sponsors at the Self-Care Summit.

Sponsorship Levels


$500 “SPONSOR A NONPROFIT” (unlimited sponsors)

  • Promotion of company name in all Summit marketing material
  • Social media promotion leading up to the event
  • 1 Complementary guest pass to the entire Summit event (valued at $150)


$1,000 EVENT SPONSOR (unlimited sponsors)

  • $500 “Sponsor a Nonprofit” package above plus…
  • Company logo listed on our dedicated event page and marketing material
  • 3 Complementary guest passes to the entire Summit event (each valued at $150)


$2,500 TITLE SPONSOR FOR PROMOTIONAL EVENTS (unlimited sponsors)

  • $1,000 Event Sponsor package above plus…
  • Company logo added to the Eventbrite registration for the Promotional event
  • 5 Complementary guest passes to the entire Summit event (each valued at $150)



  • $2,500 Title Sponsor package above plus…
  • Company logo added to the Eventbrite registration for Summit and all promotional events
  • Company logo and link on Day 7 website for 1 year
  • Complementary company guest passes to the entire Summit event (each valued at $150)


Please mail checks payable to Day 7, Inc and send to PO Box 3325, Brentwood, TN 37024.

Please email a logo file to candace@day-7.org.

Your donations are 100% tax-deductible minus fair market value of goods received.

You may sponsor the Summit as a business, individual, in memory of, in honor of, etc.

Letter from Executive Director


It’s easy these days to find an article or Instagram post declaring the importance of self-care, but what does self-care really mean? What does it mean to care for ourselves in a holistic way where we name our needs and meet those needs in a way that is honoring to all of who we are? We also know care needs to go beyond the self, and in order for us to fully experience wholeness, we have to take care of each other, our communities, and our workplaces too. How do we find the balance between caring for our community while trying to care for ourselves too, especially as we try to navigate the shifting world around us?

We invite you to participate in our 1st Annual Virtual Self-Care Summit, September 14-18, 2020. We will have 3-4 workshops each day, totaling 15-20 workshops, that will consist of tools and practices to care for yourself and also training sessions related to the management of teams and tools to continue your work in excellence. Participants will have the option to join workshops live or access them by recording after the event.

This event is both an event to serve you and our community and also to be a source of revenue for Day 7. Day 7’s mission is to provide wellness and self-care resources to nonprofit and ministry staff in order to alleviate burnout and improve individual and organizational health. Through our mission, we are able to make self-care resources accessible and affordable for nonprofit staff who more often than not, care for others and put their own needs on the backburner. We believe that by caring for themselves, they are in turn able to continue their work in our community from a place of health instead of burnout. We invite you to participate and learn tools for yourself while also helping to continue the work of Day 7.

We were inspired to launch this event in September during self-care awareness month. Sadly, we decided to cancel our in-person event due to Covid-19, but we’ve been shifting and thinking creatively. Through our work in the community, we are hearing the consistent question about finding balance. Tornadoes, Covid-19, and rising racial tensions have left us all whirling. We believe this event will not only provide clarity and tools during this time but will be an ongoing source of support to our community in years to come as well!

We are also looking for sponsors for the event. We are looking for both financial sponsors and pro bono workshop presenters. Please see the following pages outlining sponsorship details. We’d be grateful for your involvement at any level. You can learn more about Day 7 at www.day-7.org.

Feel free to reach me at 615-319-0274 or candace@day-7.org. Thank you.


Candace Clippard
Executive Director