We partner with organizations to provide individual self-care plans for their staff. Each self-care plan is unique and specific to the individual and provides access to our network of over 200 wellness providers. Plans are covered financially by the organizations, church, and/or individual.


We provide personalized care plans for individuals that prioritize their unique needs in order to focus on their own self-care and well-being. Each plan is designed for an individual’s unique interests, struggles and strengths in order to provide them with the tools necessary to create a new rhythm.


Our services are entirely confidential. Individuals feel comfortable sharing which further enriches the healing process. Our plans provide the confidential support team that helping professionals don’t always have access to within their line of work.


The current leadership staff at Day 7 understanding the fulfillment and trials of nonprofit and ministry work, and will help you come up with a plan that encompasses all that you need in order to feel cared for and healthy. Our network of over 200 wellness providers are experienced and known to be great at what they do.

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