Certifications: MBSR, MCS and Svaroopa Yoga Teacher

Amy came to a practice of mindfulness following a 20-year marketing career and in the midst of a music career. She began her journey by (reluctantly) attending Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), an 8-week course with a 40-year history of helping people develop their inner resources to face life’s challenges. Amy was both surprised and transformed by what she experienced, so much so, that she made the practice a high priority in her life. Her personal experience led her to explore how she could help others connect with the benefits of mindfulness.

Amy began Mindfulness for Everybody to help make the practices and attitudes of mindfulness accessible to more people. She believes that all humans can benefit from becoming more mindful. Through Mindfulness for Everybody, she has the chance to share some of what she has learned with others, and more importantly, to help facilitate an exploration of their own experience.

One area Amy is especially passionate about is bringing programs to communities that have limited access to mindfulness. By working with community organizations and other mindfulness teachers, her hope is that many more people can learn and benefit from these simple yet transformative practices and mindsets.

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