How A Scarcity Mindset Robs You of Your Best Self

Join Money Mindset Coach, Jill Wright, for How A Scarcity Mindset Robs You of Your Best Self

Friday, Sept. 18th, 10-11am


Workshop Details:
When you operate under a scarcity mindset, it limits what you’re capable of, it limits what you have to give your organization and your mission, and it limits what you have left over to give yourself. I’ll cover ways you can tell if you’re the victim of scarcity mindset and some simple daily practices you can implement to give MORE to the mission without taking MORE from yourself.


Bio: Jill Wright is a Money Mindset Coach and Human Money Lie Detector. Certified as a Life Coach and Weight Coach in 2018, she is also a Dave Ramsey trained Financial Master Coach and former CPA with degrees in Accounting. As a speaker, author, podcaster and coach, she helps life coaches expose the money lies that limit their impact, limit their income and prevent them from receiving all that God has planned for them. Her passion is helping coaches and entrepreneurs remove the limits they’ve placed on themselves, on their dreams and on their God. Jill currently serves on the board of Day 7.