Am I Called to Be a Human Doormat?

Join Therapist, Chris O’Rear, for Am I Called to be a Human Doormat?

Thursday, Sept. 17th, 3-4pm


Workshop Details:
This presentation will look at traditional passages from the Bible that are often used to encourage self-sacrifice and the lack of ego. We will look at Murray Bowen Systems Theory as a lens to explore possible alternative understandings that do not diminish either person in a relationship and accomplish a goal of mutuality.


Chris is the former Executive Director of the Pastoral Counseling Centers of Tennessee and a former President of the Tennessee Association of Pastoral Therapists.  He has experience in both hospital chaplaincy and pastoral psychotherapy.  Chris is open to working with clients of all faiths, people who have been hurt by their faith group, and those who identify with no faith. Chris seeks to be open and inclusive with each client. All are welcome. Chris is trained in in-depth psychotherapy and enjoys exploring the deeper roots of presenting problems with a focus on uncovering practical solutions. Chris is a Licensed Clinical Pastoral Therapist in Tennessee.