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Float Horizen

Zane Ritter a.k.a “Float Guru,” and Founding Member of Float Horizen has been striving to create awareness about the benefits of “Floatation Therapy” in his hometown, Nashville, TN since opening Float Horizen’s doors in November 2017. Float Horizen is a peaceful oasis where you can come to unplug from the chaos of daily life to promote healing and wellness. Float Horizen is a premier wellness center offering Floatation Therapy, Infrared Full Spectrum Sauna, Massage, and Sound Immersion Mediation. Zane has been working to educate others about the amazing benefits Floatation Therapy offers and the importance of making it a regular part of wellness routines to create mind and body balance. With the help of the wellness community he is proud to say, “Float Horizen is 5 Years Strong!”

FLOAT THERAPY provides deep relaxation with zero distractions allowing your body and mind time to destress and recalibrate. During a 60 minute session you will float effortlessly in 10” of water enriched with 1000lbs of therapeutic Epsom Salt and feel completely weightless. Floatation Therapy is a powerful tool to Manage Stress, Relieve Pain, Improve Sleep, Aide Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, Speed Muscle/Joint Repair, Boost Creativity, and Promote Self Realization. Floating give your body an extended period of time in the Theta state which science has shown is a place of healing, rest, and rejuvenation.

INFRARED FULL SPECTRUM SAUNA offers a more enjoyable, pleasant experience as it warms the body from within instead of just heating the air around you. It is one of the best ways to Detoxify your body and promote Weight Loss, Anti-Aging, Heart-Health, and Boost Immunity. Just 30 minutes in an infrared Sauna can burn up to 600 calories. MASSAGE is generally for the treatment of body stress or pain. Offering include: - Therapeutic Relaxing Massage to soothe sore muscles and help your body destress. - Deep Tissue Massage to target chronic muscle pain found the deeper layers of connective and muscle tissue to release chronic tension in the body. - Myofacial Massage combines myofacial (muscle band) deep tissue massage, functional movements and assisted stretches to improve balance and pain free movement. - Prenatal, Therapeutic Cupping Hot Stone & Reiki SOUND IMMERSION MEDITATION Sound affects the nervous system which in turn affects every cell in the body. Harmonic Sound Therapy calms the neural network allowing self-healing to begin. Relax and renew your body, mind & spirt with the gentle sacred pathways of sound fields while soaking up the vibrations of Himalayan singing bowls, bells, chimes, and various instruments to balance Kosha layers, and introduce vibratory frequencies which help you to align with your inner-self. Shift your conscious being from the daily, beta existence that “cages in” the mind.

Nicole Diamond Holistic Skin Care

Nicole Diamond has 25 years experience as an esthetician. She has her own holistic skin care practice in Green Hills. She and her husband Nick reside in Franklin, Tn. with their 2 teenage children.

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