Working in helping professions is hard and exhausting work. Burnout and high staff turnover, unfortunately, are all too common within nonprofits and churches. Nonprofit and ministry staff leave their jobs too soon, exist in a state of survival and go through life exhausted often sacrificing their own well-being for the sake of their job. We believe there is a better way. Burnout, staff turnover, exhaustion, and decreased job effectiveness don’t have to define the good work nonprofit organizations are accomplishing. When individuals can be mindful of their own personal health and invest in their own growth and self-care they are more effective employees, healthier humans, and more satisfied with their job and life.

Day 7 is built on a very simple truth — we do not have to sacrifice ourselves, our health or our relationships; we can prioritize our health and still do our work well. We exist to equip nonprofit and ministry staff with the resources they need to lead healthy, sustainable lives.


Call to Service


A passion to serve and help others is kindled.

Limits are pushed


You self-sacrifice, overcommit, and feel a pressure to do even more than you’re doing. The work never stops and there is always more to do.


Stress, exhaustion, unrealistic expectations, lack of boundaries, and the inability to say no becomes normal.


Sabbaticals, weekends, vacation days, or retreats for short-lived rejuvenation.

Then The Cycle repeats.


Day 7 provides the resources to nonprofit and ministry staff so that they are equipped to not just survive, but thrive in their roles. We prioritize the holistic health of who they are and offer an integrative approach to focusing on their own care and well-being so that they are operating from a place of health and wholeness.

We believe that to truly thrive in the life we have to pay attention to all areas of who we are. That is why at Day 7 we focus on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual parts of each individual.


*Note: Survey respondents chose all that apply, allowing for greater than 100% total.
2019 Talent Retention Practices: Survey Results

“Compensation Is Great –But Many Times It’s Not Enough! Compensation, and an employee’s perception of how well or poorly they are compensated, are ever-constant challenges for most employers. Employees want to be compensated fairly and they want to feel great about their workplace as well!” – 2019 Talent Retention Practices: Survey Results


“With the financial support of Day 7 I was able to receive care for my body and soul. My ministry was suffering because I was weary and stressed. Because of Day 7 I was able to meet with amazing Spiritual Directors, to regularly exercise, and to take Sabbath time. These things and more refreshed my spirit and led me back to the joy I find in ministry and my family. I am deeply grateful.” – Pastor

“I cannot begin to express my gratitude for having the privilege and opportunity to be afforded this opportunity for self-care. It has SIGNIFICANTLY improved my life. I have not stopped taking advantage of this gift. Having the space to take a pause in the rhythm of life to take care of my self-care has allowed me the opportunity to be a better mom, better friend to myself and to others, and a better spouse. So, to put in fewer words, things are so good.” – Nonprofit Professional

“Sometimes the experiment in finding a therapist, picking the right gym, or figuring the schedule that works in one season or another is not only hard, but expensive. This program releases some of the stress and difficulty of finding affordable and practical options that meet my needs.” – Ministry Leader

“Day 7 has transformed our organization’s work together. The availability of self-care for our staff has made for healthier work relationships and more productive staff. It is a benefit that has an immediate impact!” – Nonprofit Executive Director

“Day 7 provided an avenue for me to address various needs in my life to better care for my whole being. Through counseling, spiritual direction, and even taking a better look at nutrition, I am able to make good choices for how to navigate each day. I didn’t have to wait until I was desperate and burned out. I’m quite sure that without these services at the time I began, I may have reached that point. The programs that were part of my care plan have allowed me to be a stronger leader and made me aware of how to care for myself while caring for others.” – Pastor

“This connection with Day 7 has truly been such a blessing to me. All three of the people I have worked with have helped me so much: to navigate some tough spiritual dilemmas, to help me understand my needs and the importance of setting boundaries, and to teach me various ways to navigate stress and ways to combat emotional eating. I’m so appreciative.” – Nonprofit Professional

“My self-care plan has been a life raft of support and nurture in the midst of a hard, and crazy time. Please express my deep gratitude to those who are making this possible. My hope is that not only will it impact my own well-being, but that it will make its way through me to those I serve.” – Pastor

“I didn’t realize just how much I needed this until I got started, and I think this will be a life-long journey for me in the best way.” – Nonprofit Professional

“The assistance from Day 7 has been instrumental in helping me to see that I am in need of and deserving of more self-care. Thanks for taking care of me, so that I can take better care of myself and others!”  – Nonprofit Professional


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