Day 7 has been the growing dream of three individuals with a desire to invest into the passionate work of nonprofit and ministry staff.


In 2004, Marsha Crownover discovered the world of life and executive coaching and the immense value a coach can provide to someone as they process the challenges of personal and professional life. Coming from her own professional background in counseling, she knew that days could be grueling and exhausting. She observed that individuals in helping professions may be the ones who could benefit the most from having a coach. However, Marsha saw a gap and noticed that coaching was not always accessible to those within the nonprofit sector. Coaching is expensive and something not everyone has the luxury of pursuing. Coach Approach, Inc. was founded with the mission to fill this gap and provide affordable life and executive coaching  to those in nonprofit helping professions.


In 2015, Peter Ferguson experienced his own need in ministry. As a third generation pastor, he saw that too often pastors lack the confidential support necessary to work from a place of vulnerable health. He knew first hand the reality of burnout and how the lack of authentic community impacts those in ministry. Unrealistic expectations are put on pastors and their families to live without mistakes, and when mistakes inevitably happen, pastors often have nowhere to turn. There is a lack of support and barriers to care due to resources being too expensive. Peter founded Day 7, Inc. to provide confidential health resources, including counseling and retreats, to pastors and their families.


In 2017, Candace Clippard was in a place of work and life transition. With a background in nonprofit ministry that partnered with other nonprofits on a regular basis, she saw and experienced firsthand the effects of burnout and turnover and the negative impact those had on organizations. Also having experience in church ministry, teaching, and fitness coaching, she understood the need for balance and health, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. She also saw the lack of affordable options for those in nonprofit and ministry jobs and the barriers they faced to access the resources and tools needed to help combat burnout. 

2019 – Onward

In late 2017 and early 2018, in a serendipitous series of events, Candace connected with both Marsha and Peter. They all quickly realized that their hearts aligned in the way they each wanted to care for the caretaker, and they each believed that in order to care well for others, you must also care for yourself well. By June of 2018, Candace had taken over both Coach Approach and Day 7. Through partnerships with wellness providers across the city we began to offer various types of health resources to nonprofit helping professionals and pastors. In 2019, Day 7 and Coach Approach officially merged and we are now operating as Day 7, Inc. We’re excited to look to the future as we work as one united organization to help nonprofit and ministry professionals to not simply survive but passionately thrive.

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