Enneagram and the Workplace

Join Enneagram Coach, Abby Buter, for Enneagram and the Workplace

Tuesday, Sept. 15th, 3-4pm


Workshop Details:
The Enneagram is a wisdom tradition that helps us understand ourselves and others better. During this workshop we’ll discuss how the Enneagram can help us in the workplace. If you’re interested in the Enneagram and how it can influence your communication style, how to work with others, and how you lead this will be a great workshop for you.


Abby is a personal growth coach focusing on the Enneagram and self-care. Often described as an Enneagram and self-care enthusiast, Abby uses the Enneagram to help others understand themselves better so they know how to care for themselves well. With extensive experience in the nonprofit sector, Abby learned first hand the importance of paying attention to our own self-care and personal growth. Upon completing her graduate thesis about creating cultures of self-care at nonprofit organizations, Abby started her own coaching business and has made it her personal mission to help others know how to care for themselves well.