I grew up in a pastor’s home. We struggled in so many ways. My father suffered from depression and my mother was the classic codependent. I see it as a real tragedy; we chose to act like everything was great. We hid the truth of how bad we were hurting.

I began acting out with drugs and alcohol at a very early age. I cleaned up long enough to accept my calling to ministry and complete seminary.

For thirteen years I served the local church, the whole time I hid my addiction, but I also did not feel safe to be myself or stand up for what I truly believed. I always had the fear of making someone mad and having to move my family again. So, I went along to get along, justifying that this was the cross that Christ wanted me to carry.

I began to wake up in the years after I went to rehab for drug and alcohol addiction. I saw that I had an unhealthy relationship with the church and church members. I had become willing to sacrifice my needs and those of my families in order to survive. I lived a life of fear.

I looked around and realized that I was not alone; other pastors struggled being in need and telling what was really going on within their hearts and minds. I also saw that there were a lot of professional services like professional trainers, therapists and gym memberships that were beyond the family budget for a pastor.

So, I created a network of licensed professionals that will care for pastors. I am also creating safe spaces for pastors to tell the truth and be themselves. I will not try to fix them or save them…just listen and care.

A healthy pastor will have a positive impact on their family, church and community. Day 7 was created so no more pastors or their families had to hide their struggles. We see a new day of healthier pastors, healthier families and healthier churches.

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Peter Ferguson   /   Pastor and Founder